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What not to do after hiring a Great Wedding Photographer?

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

The following article will give you an insight into common mistakes done by the couple after hiring a great wedding photographer.

Not giving complete information: Share maximum information and details regarding the wedding. Your photographer will benefit from every detail you offer - the venue, the theme of the wedding and the number of guests at the wedding. These make it much easier for your photographer to determine his action.

Telling him what to do: Don’t hand over a shot list to your photographer as a professional wedding photographer may want some creative space. Having said that do not hesitate in telling your photographer what kinds of shots you always wanted to see in your wedding pictures. Telling him what you want and giving a complete list of shots is two different things. Also make sure you have a list of the group shots that need to be covered. The brides side and groom side should have separate person who will assist the in getting the group photographers organized. He or she could call out names so there is no chaos to get the group pictures taken. Don't get carried away by the concept of candid photography and ignore the importance of other type of pictures like the traditional pictures. If it's an Indian wedding the album boils down to about 70 percent candid pictures and 30 percent of small tiny group's with smiling faces looking straight into the camera at different events like Mehandi, Sangeet etc. So make sure you give equal importance to both styles of photography.

Not giving enough time to the Photographer to click pictures of getting ready and Portraits: Plan your big day by keeping in mind the slot to be assigned for your bridal/ groom's portraits. Many a times the Photographer waits for hours outside the bride's room to get a few portrait shots only to be told by a rushing bride that they are running late so they want to skip the portraits. The most beautiful pictures in your wedding album are the pictures of the bride. Therefore to avoid missing those pictures you may ask your make up artists to be called well on time keeping in mind the slot for your portraiture session.

Ignoring lighting Warnings: You Photographer knows what is the best light conditions for great wedding pictures. There fore it's advisable to take his/ her concerns into consideration. What looks Amazing for your eyes necessarily may not be what's best for photography. Sometimes Avataar kind of light may look great at the venue but could be a photograhers nightmare.

Giving full freedom to guests to be photographers: Sometimes the Photographer is not able to carry on with his work because there are a dozen guests shooting pictures with mobile phones, iPad's, and fancy DSLR cameras. This will only hinder your photographer from creating images that he wants to shoot as he will not be able to ask the guests to move out of the way.

About the Author: Hi I am Sudhir Nair the founder of My Shaadi Story and Chasing Dreams Films.

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