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Tips on How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer.

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

In this article we have included some tips on going about and choosing your wedding

photographer. Hope this is helpful.

1. How do you choose the right wedding photographer : I would say that while browsing

through the works you will come across websites and pictures which will make you feel that

this is the type of pictures you would like to see in your wedding album. Choose a few

photographers whose work you like the best and start communicating with them.

2. Know your Budget in advance : Make up your mind as to how much you would like to spend on your wedding pictures and video. Be honest with your self while doing so. Once you

decide the budget talk to each of the photographers whose style of work, style of website and

presentation you like best and get an appointment to chat with them. Choose someone who is experianced, good to talk to and who is flexible and professional at the same time. Do not choose a photographer who says to everything.

3. Questions to ask your wedding photographer: Ask your photographer about the actual process as to what happens once you do the booking. Ask questions about the kind of gear used, the number of people in the team, about his/her terms of work, work timings and his data backup systems. If your photographer has difficulty sharing the information with you then it’s better to skip him. Also ask if he has an S.O.P or a wedding contract so that you can get everything in black and white. Having a wedding contract signed will help both the client and the photographer to be on the same page.

4. How much does a wedding photographer cost in India: On an average a good wedding photographer would cost about $1500 per day. I would not recommend hiring a budding photographer unless you are super convinced of his skills and consistency of shooting and his data backup workflows.Also find out with whom he was interning with. Amateur photographers have to depend on themselves or third party when it comes to getting post production done and during the peak season he may not be able to get work done by third party as they themselves will have loads of post production work of their own. Secondly when it comes to your wedding albums it’s better to work with a photographer who gets his albums done with branded album makers like Canvera. Canvera has dedicated team of album designers who will work with you throughout the post production process and you do not have to worry about album delivery even if your photographer is busy during the season.

5. Choosing the Right wedding Photographer: Choose a photographer who is willing to deliver wedding albums not just soft copies. These photographers are more responsible towards customer satisfaction as they are willing to work with you till the very end. Photographers who do not provide albums are usually busy shooting multiple weddings and may not be committed to provide post production services as its not part of their contract. Coordinating with a wedding album designer will be a pain especially if you are a working couple and you have to get back to work post the wedding celebrations. Therefore its better to get at least the wedding story book done from the photographer who has shot your wedding.

6. Check if the website has more pictures from the same wedding: Series of pictures from the same wedding shows the consistency of the wedding photographer in terms of shooting and delivering great images on a consistent level. This comes from experience as an inexperienced photographer will not be able to shoot and produce great images on a consistent basis but also will be able to shoot great images even in dimly lit events like a DJ party or Sangeet function where the light is low and fluctuates continuously.

7. If you want to cut cost but get great quality at the same time then go local: Imagine a scenario where you have 2 options between hiring local and outstation. If both the photographers charge you same fees the outstation photographer has to spend on travel and conveyance of the team which will reduce his profitability, there fore it could lead to cost cuts while providing you the finished products. There are talented photographers in every state therefore it would be better to choose a local photographer to save costs. Also you may have to spend on travel and accommodation of the photographer if he is travelling from outstation.

8. Treat your photographer well: Photographers are the most hard working people at the

wedding. They are usually the first one to arrive and the last ones to leave. Treat them as you

treat your guests at the wedding as they will be delighted to serve you better. A happy

photographer will create happy images. If treated well they will be more happy and

enthusiastic to shoot at their best and deliver amazing quality images which you can relive for

a long time.

Most of all "Enjoy your Big Day!"

About Me : Hi I am Sudhir Nair the founder of My Shaadi Story and Chasing Dreams Films.

Copyright@My Shaadi Story

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